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Fire Photography

Durango, CO - 3133 County Road 222

June 24th, 2011 at 1501 hours

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On June 24th, 2011 at 1501 hours, Durango Fire & Rescue Authority (DFRA) units were dispatched to a report of a fire in the junkyard located at 3103 County Road 222. With multiple calls coming into the LaPlata County 9-1-1 Center, Battalion Chief Tony Harwig bumped up the initial assignment to include water tenders from the Los Pinos Fire District in Ignacio, CO and the Upper Pine Fire District in Bayfield, CO. At the time of the fire the region was under a “Red Flag Warning” for gusty winds, low humidity, and dry fuels.

First due units arrived to find a large, well-involved, debris pile. The fire was extending into an adjacent area that contained stored utility poles. DFRA Engine 1, under command of Captain Pete Tuck, had to wait until a loader was able to clear junk from the site to access the burning materials. Once Engine 1 was positioned, and a water supply established, the deck gun knocked down the major bulk of the fire.

An additional 1¾ inch attack line was also stretched to assist in the suppression efforts. A water shuttle operation was established utilizing the water tenders from all three responding agencies. The incident required extensive overhaul and the loader was once again utilized to spread out the smoldering combustibles. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the DFRA Fire Marshal’s Office.