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This apparatus was purchased by the Upper Pine Fire District in Bayfield, CO in February of 1983 from the Good Intent Fire Company #3 for $8888.88.  I found the ad that the Good Intent Fire Company #3 placed in the January 1983 edition of Fire Engineering, when they offered the rig for sale.  This unit served the Bayfield, Colorado area for many years, and was last assigned to UPFPD’s Station #3 on Florida Road.  The Upper Pine Fire District donated the truck to the Mount Allison Fire Department in Arboles, CO on an unknown date.

The truck came over to the Los Pinos Fire District when the Mount Allison Fire Department got included into the LPFD in 2003.  For at least the last 10 years, the fire engine sat neglected at the Los Pinos Fire Training Facility, outside of the Town of Ignacio, Colorado.  I won the bid on this piece of equipment when it was auctioned off with a number of other surplus vehicles that the fire district was getting rid of.  It was a crap shoot as to if it would run and what other damage sitting so long had caused.

Thanks to the LPFD’s Mechanic, Troy Brady, spending a few evenings working his magic, it sprang back to life.  The fuel tank was flushed and the oil was changed.  Anti-freeze was added, and new caps were placed on the radiator and fuel tank.  A new fuel pump was installed, the carb got rebuilt, and a new set of spark plugs and wires were added.  The old rotted wood in the hose bed was removed, and the modern emergency lights and electronic siren were disconnected and taken off. Low and behold, it started and ran!

After a December 4th, 2017 test ride it was discovered that it starts; it goes forward; it goes backwards; however, stopping seemed to be an issue.  On December 20th, 2017 it was trailered to Thumper n' Co. Racing & Repair in Bayfield, CO for brakes, shocks, and to have the clutch bled-out.  Tires and examining the fire pump should be the next adventures.  Stay tuned…

It’s official, I am the proud owner of a fire engine!

This apparatus was originally built for the Good Intent Fire Company #3 in Mount Holly, New Jersey by Trautwein’s Inc. or TASC (Trautwein and Sons Company) in Woodbridge, New Jersey.   The 1964 4-Wheel Drive Dodge Power Wagon (W300) chassis was equipped with a 318 engine and a 4-speed transmission; a 100 GPM High Pressure Pump; two (2) 150-foot booster hose reels and a 225-gallon booster tank; a 14-foot extension ladder; a Model 17 Beacon-Ray emergency light; as well as a Federal  “Q” siren.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Greg Collier of Mount Laurel, New Jersey Fire for locating the old photos of this rig from its glory days in Jersey.

1964 Dodge TASC Fire Engine

Restoration Project