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Fire Photography

A fire in an abandoned Southeast Indianapolis warehouse grew to a three-alarm blaze before it could be extinguished by firefighters. Units were originally dispatched to 2009 Draper Street. First arriving companies reported a working fire, with fire showing through the roof of the building at approximately 1944 hours. A 2nd Alarm was struck about 1959 hours and followed by the 3rd around 2037 hours. The blaze started in a single-story, 30,000-square-foot block building at 1545 Van Buren Street and was brought under control around 2147 hours; about two hours after firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

 photo IFD041114_001_zpscdd3f59d.jpg  photo IFD041114_002_zpsa55383e6.jpg  photo IFD041114_003_zpsedbba1b7.jpg  photo IFD041114_004_zpsdd8dee9a.jpg  photo IFD041114_005_zps3b93f2e2.jpg  photo IFD041114_007_zpsce13f2e8.jpg  photo IFD041114_008_zpsb1008afd.jpg  photo IFD041114_009_zps19587a09.jpg  photo IFD041114_010_zpsd16db7be.jpg  photo IFD041114_011_zps9f636177.jpg  photo IFD041114_012_zps3aee7903.jpg  photo IFD041114_013_zpse3f5ceb8.jpg  photo IFD041114_014_zpsd1b7e915.jpg  photo IFD041114_015_zps144274bf.jpg  photo IFD041114_016_zpsd499586e.jpg  photo IFD041114_017_zps4fc69743.jpg  photo IFD041114_018_zps2824c830.jpg  photo IFD041114_019_zpsde7cd371.jpg  photo IFD041114_020_zps4703a623.jpg  photo IFD041114_021_zpsc8c3f263.jpg  photo IFD041114_022_zps6d199b16.jpg  photo IFD041114_023_zps6aa29641.jpg  photo IFD041114_024_zpsd0b8cb9b.jpg  photo IFD041114_025_zpsaa461d0f.jpg  photo IFD041114_026_zps273fa97a.jpg  photo IFD041114_027_zps368ebdad.jpg  photo IFD041114_028_zpsa07bb669.jpg  photo IFD041114_029_zps854d9dca.jpg  photo IFD041114_030_zps7c60649a.jpg  photo IFD041114_031_zps3258d7c0.jpg  photo IFD041114_032_zpse0ef0a4a.jpg  photo IFD041114_033_zpsa581b8ea.jpg  photo IFD041114_034_zps576e33d2.jpg  photo IFD041114_035_zps051cf51f.jpg  photo IFD041114_036_zps4e31907f.jpg  photo IFD041114_037_zps53022fd5.jpg  photo IFD041114_038_zpsdf7a5892.jpg  photo IFD041114_039_zps5e7ed392.jpg  photo IFD041114_040_zps5cd2edc6.jpg  photo IFD041114_041_zpsfcd755fa.jpg  photo IFD041114_043_zpsb79f62d1.jpg  photo IFD041114_044_zpsf4254ea2.jpg  photo IFD041114_045_zps53b87886.jpg  photo IFD041114_046_zpsac656fe1.jpg  photo IFD041114_047_zpsf0356868.jpg  photo IFD041114_048_zpsfed1400c.jpg  photo IFD041114_049_zps174cad50.jpg  photo IFD041114_050_zps2b8fda64.jpg  photo IFD041114_051_zps6b5fd5c2.jpg  photo IFD041114_052_zps50b03825.jpg  photo IFD041114_053_zps357a6995.jpg  photo IFD041114_054_zps49dae968.jpg  photo IFD041114_055_zps967291f5.jpg  photo IFD041114_056_zps8433f735.jpg  photo IFD041114_057_zps86f269f9.jpg  photo IFD041114_058_zps1cb66cf1.jpg  photo IFD041114_060_zps046114a8.jpg  photo IFD041114_061_zps6e11c5fd.jpg  photo IFD041114_062_zpsbe30bfb1.jpg  photo IFD041114_063_zpsdff2ce55.jpg  photo IFD041114_064_zps5bbbd464.jpg  photo IFD041114_065_zpsd3d8ed7b.jpg  photo IFD041114_066_zpsa55a20f2.jpg  photo IFD041114_067_zpsf5186036.jpg  photo IFD041114_068_zpse0884daa.jpg  photo IFD041114_069_zps556e0cca.jpg  photo IFD041114_070_zps38f4e708.jpg  photo IFD041114_071_zpsc1ba29a1.jpg  photo IFD041114_072_zps8002ea33.jpg  photo IFD041114_073_zps4204ca17.jpg  photo IFD041114_074_zpsbd954ba4.jpg  photo IFD041114_075_zps00aee225.jpg  photo IFD041114_076_zps5a2be72a.jpg  photo IFD041114_077_zps715ae228.jpg  photo IFD041114_078_zpsa1c3a67f.jpg  photo IFD041114_079_zps597773c6.jpg  photo IFD041114_080_zps87f0abc4.jpg  photo IFD041114_081_zpse02409b3.jpg  photo IFD041114_084_zps5235fcce.jpg  photo IFD041114_085_zps417b31ae.jpg  photo IFD041114_086_zps728683cb.jpg  photo IFD041114_087_zps718d2311.jpg  photo IFD041114_088_zps3bba5ac9.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_001_zps88eccf61.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_002_zps16ca326f.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_003_zpsfa1470e0.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_004_zpsc60e5c71.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_005_zps401f50e5.jpg  photo IFD041114-P_008_zpsde4472ed.jpg

The thick black smoke from the fire could be seen for miles, and made breathing difficult within a three-block radius of the incident. Asbestos roof tiles on the building added to the hazardous conditions forcing all personnel at the scene to don Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). One firefighter suffered a back strain and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. No other injuries were reported. Forty-three Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) units were dispatched to the scene to fight the fire, including 13 Engine Companies and 8 Ladder Companies.

Firefighters employed a defensive strategy and maintained a collapse zone around the structure for scene safety. The building eventually collapsed during the incident, which caused an estimated quarter-million dollars in damage. An inquiry into the cause of the fire is being conducted by the IFD’s Fire Investigation Unit. IFD Firefighters have been put to the task in this area before. The fire building was located on the back side of a site where a four-alarm blaze occurred in several abandoned industrial buildings on September 8th, 2013.

Indianapolis, IN - 1545 Van Buren Street

April 11th, 2014 at 1944 hours